Believe this letter and the one before are extremely significant in that they are spoken “ not by bickering spouses” but by the very children the court is supposedly mandated to protect.

  • Our sister Jxxxx, who was 13 years of age at the time, was forced out of our nice home by the CAS as a result of unfounded allegations made by a friend of our mother’s who was later discredited in the court for her testimony.

  • While in care of the CAS, our sister Jxxxx was sexually harassed at a CAS foster facility. She was put in group homes and foster homes which were far below the standards she was used to living inat home. When she tried to flee to safety from CAS abuse, she was forced back into CAS care byCAS workers and police.

  • The CAS, with police officers present, forcefully broke down a door at Jxxxx’s friend’s house and forced Jxxxx into the back of a dirty smelly police cruiser so that they could take her to a grouphome. All of this under the orders of the Simcoe CAS. Yet, all Jxxxx wanted was to come back to her own home to live in her own home with her own loving family.

  • Jxxxx told authorities that she was physically assaulted by her mother at her mother’s home but none of the authorities did anything about it.

  • Our mother prevented us from speaking to our sister even by phone prior to your last court order. None of the authorities did anything about our mother blocking our younger sister’s rights to speak to her own siblings.

  • Prior to your court Order, our mother prevented us from seeing our sister even under supervision. Nobody in the system seemed to care about what our younger sister wanted.

  • At the local elementary school, when Txxxx and Bxxxx went over to see our sister Jxxxx at the school, she was threatened and physically restrained by teachers. We were told that we could not communicate with each other. Again, this was because of the lies of our mother to the school. What kind of justice is this when teenage siblings cannot even speak to each other openly in the hallway of the local school? What gives other persons the right to physically restrain us from talking when there is no court order to that effect?

  • We had expressed our desire to attend the court hearing prior to the trial, yet we were kicked out of the court by the judge at the request of our mother’s lawyer. We consider ourselves old enough and mature enough to view the proceedings but it was clear that the court wanted to keep the proceeding secret even from us.

  • Jxxxx had repeated problems with her children’s lawyer. She could not reach her and the lawyer refused to properly present her wishes and preferences to the court. The children’s lawyer lied to Jxxxx on at least one occasion and refused to tell her about her rights.

  • Our family was subjected to ongoing threats and intimidation by police and CAS workers. Again, all of this based on false allegations encouraged by our mother in order to win in court.

Family Courts – The Perfect Crime

My family has always been my first priority. I have done everything possible before and after divorce. I have been the sole provider for now 2 separate families and rather than acknowledgment or help the court has done the exact opposite making the last 12 years a nightmare. What gives the court the right without justification to make biased decisions, take control of my family and treat me as a criminal?

I can identify with you. Before this happened to me I would have shrugged off such a tirade as just another deadbeat whining about paying his support. Believe me I am not but the Family Court System is a disgrace that needs to be exposed and the way families are dealt with drastically changed. Until I myself became a victim I had no idea of the mess.

Court’s Motto – visit us once and we’ll make you a lifetime customer

Dysfunctional Family Courts

I was skeptical at first, but would soon agree with the early warnings.....”If the marriage wasn’t dead before, it surely will be after the legal proceedings start”.

Remember without conflict judges have no cases and lawyers no billings.

This blog post includes an excerpt from the 2006 book Courts From Hell by Frank Simons

Frank Simons Courts From Hell