Filing taxes when separated in Canada

TAX – The Impacts…. Can they make it any more difficult?

Filing taxes when separated in Canada
  • Reverse the Tax treatment change of 1997 where child support is now taxable to the payer. As the government itself acknowledges, this has and continues to take $billions from Canadian families in crises.

  • Equal Tax treatment by both parties for legal fees specified in the Divorce Act.

  • Eliminate support on E.I. or account for claw back once support paid.

  • Child deduction applicable for the payer.

  • Eliminate the CRA hold back of legitimate deductions within the support orders.

  • When paying both spousal and child support, eliminate the priority to child support as this disallows the tax deduction for Spousal Support which was used to calculate set the level of spousal support in the first place.

  • Correct the known problem which disallows child deduction for payers of support in joint custody arrangements.

This blog post includes an excerpt from the 2006 book Courts From Hell by Frank Simons

Frank Simons Courts From Hell