Family Responsibility Office Problems
  • There are 600,000 cases Nationally

  • 95% payers are men

  • 75% of payers are in arrears

  • 60% of these are less than $5,000 in arrears

  • 74% of total less than $10,000 in arrears

  • Cost of enforcement is approximately $150 Million per year nationally.

  • There is approximately $4.5 Billion in arrears nationwide.There are 600,000 cases Nationally

Deadbeat Dads – The Reality


Dedicated dad to Deadbeat dad

I’ll use myself as an example in this case. This issue was and is the most hurtful to me. In addition to being the sole breadwinner at the time of our divorce, my family and the children were my life’s priority. I made sure to spend time every day with them. I coached their baseball and basketball teams, was their cub leader, took them camping, skiing etc. and was active in their school activities.

with one swing of the gavel

Problems at Family Responsibility Office
Yet after less than hour in front of the judge, I was no longer capable of being an equal parent.

I lost custody because my wife would not agree with joint custody, had access with them restricted, ordered out of my house and had to provide obscene support payments with absolutely no say or accountability of how this money was to be spent. Even though I initially had custody of 1 of the 4 children and later 2 of the four, there were absolutely no reciprocal responsibilities placed on my ex.

For those who use “the best interest of the children” as a convenient excuse, how do you justify that the children that chose to live with me are not even recognized by the law (Child Support Guidelines) or the courts? The courts entice children to live with the mother to keep the façade alive and punish those who don’t. More on this later…

Family Responsibility Office

What gives a corrupt and arrogant judge the right to steal a parent’s God’s given right to be an equal parent. Over the 12 years since our separation there has been considerable suffering by everyone in our family, especially by the kids but also to those in our immediate and extended families. I guess the question is….

  • Did this need to happen?
  • Is there not a better way to deal with the issues and
  • Could much of this suffering and long term impact be avoided?

Until my personal experience, I had no idea of the inability of our society to deal with such a common occurrence. Quickly I found that it was not an issue of inability but a lack of will to make changes. Divorce in Canada is a $6 billion industry paid by families in crises and taxpayers unaware of the corruption. This is the equivalent of about 100 sponsor gate scandals every year. As they say in the business world, if there is no value, why are they there?

I deal with this in Part 2 of my book.

But – How to fight the Family Responsibility Office

  • Permitting the payer to enter into a voluntary arrears payment schedule to pay off arrears owing;

  • Garnish 50% of employment income

  • Obtaining federal garnishment of 100% of the payer’s income tax refund;

  • Obtaining a writ of seizure and sale to secure any proceeds in the event of a disposal of assets by the payer;

  • Reporting the payer to the credit bureaus.

  • More aggressive enforcement steps include:

  • Suspending the payer’s driver’s licence;

  • Suspending federal licences and passports;

  • Taking the payer to court for a default hearing; and

  • Transferring the debt to a private collection agency.

  • Intercepting lottery winnings;

  • Garnisheeing the payer ’s bank account;

This blog post includes an excerpt from the 2006 book Courts From Hell by Frank Simons

Frank Simons Courts From Hell