Ontario Family Court Decisions

Where’s the rule book? How can you plan or manage your life when the rules for divorce in Ontario are not defined? There is no prescribed length of time for support commitments either child or spousal support, no rules for dealing with one-time payments such as inheritance, bonuses, etc. Even rules related to pensions [...]

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The Divorce Industry – aka Divorce Industrial Complex

The Divorce Industrial Complex is booming, with half of all marriages ending in divorce. In the majority of cases, the court awards custody of the children to the mother, and the job of paying high levels of support to the father. Men protest of discrimination at the hands of family law, of being financially [...]

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Canadian Family Law – Good – Bad and the Ugly

The Framework for dealing with Divorce in Canada is a patchwork legal system comprised of Laws (Federal, Provincial and local jurisdictions), Courts, Judges, Lawyers, mediators and related agencies such as Children’s Aid societies and women’s shelters, who operate without accountability, without oversight and independent of one another. Without comment at this point, I think [...]

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Family Court Bias Against Fathers Canada – Biased and Out of Touch

Ontario Judicial Council Gives Crime A New Name! By Tom Thompson, Justice Reporter May 26, 2007 On Thursday May 23, 2007 The Ontario Judicial Council renamed one form of criminal activity. According to the chairman of the ‘Ontario Judicial Council (OJC), Justice Robert Blair, surrounded and supported in council by the peer group and [...]

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Alternatives to Family Court in Ontario

Family mediation promotes and facilitates discussion that allows the clients to exchange differing views, ask questions, discuss difficult topics and find solutions. It involves face-to-face meetings between the parties discussing difficult issues with a trained mediator. A family mediator is a communications specialist, and has learned techniques that assist in promoting mutual understanding and [...]

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Human Rights – Not in Family Court

Canada’s hallmark is the respect and rights of its citizens above all else. The “Charter of Rights and Freedoms” encourages a just society free from discrimination. There is protection of rights based on an individual ’s beliefs, race and gender. Harassment and discrimination will not be tolerated. The only exception, it seems, is the [...]

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