The boy crisis – Fatherlessness a new crises

There is an incredible amount of research information available that report on the many destructive aspects of the removal of fathers from the lives of their children by court judges. A simple google search on “Parent Alienation Syndrome” (PAS) or “Fatherlessness in our society” will amaze you with the research and information available. Parental [...]

The boy crisis – Fatherlessness a new crises2020-08-09T15:48:19-04:00

No Fault Divorce – Ya…. Right

Fairness. A state of affairs in which conduct or action is both fair and right, given the circumstances. Ironically no-fault divorce was intended to reduce divorce rates and remove acrimony from divorce proceedings. But in Canada the numbers are stark. Before the introduction of the Divorce Act the divorce rate sat [...]

No Fault Divorce – Ya…. Right2020-08-09T15:48:16-04:00

Self Representation in Family Court – Ontario – Yikes

The Halls of Justice are supposedly accessible to everyone, even without legal representation. After representing myself on some issues that should be straightforward, I was overwhelmed by the cost, delays, unnecessary complexity, process, jargon and etiquette. As I’ve found out, the only reason for this is to discourage self representation and increase legal billings. [...]

Self Representation in Family Court – Ontario – Yikes2020-12-15T22:50:53-05:00

Filing taxes when separated in Canada

TAX - The Impacts…. Can they make it any more difficult? Considering the pervasiveness of divorce, I was surprised to find the tax system so out of sync with the realities and impacts. In my own situation there was lack of accommodation of basic circumstances, an inability to correct known problems, long delays, [...]

Filing taxes when separated in Canada2020-08-09T15:48:20-04:00
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