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Ken is an Accredited Family Mediator and leader in the field of Marriage Mediation. Your can meet with Ken at any one of his 5 Greater Toronto Offices | North York | Aurora | Barrie | Vaughan | Mississauga |


REPORT CARD ON SHARED PARENTING This aims to provide a better perspective to child welfare, the research brought about a reevaluation of child’s custody status in each state. The journal of the American Psychological Association published a paper whose conclusions were endorsed by [...]


Complaint Forms and Letters

TAKE NOTE:  Without a doubt that you will receive a response from the agencies claiming no wrongdoing from the services that you received. These agencies investigating your complaint will be anticipating that you will stop all complaint processes. Instead, we are urging you not to give up but to persevere and continue to [...]

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Frank Simons

Author: Frank Simons This blog post is an excerpt from his book Courts From Hell - Family InJustice in Canada. Frank Simons tells us since the introduction of the so-called "No-Fault Divorce" in Canada, the divorce industry has evidenced unprecedented growth estimated at $10 billion per year. The problem is [...]

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Canadian Family Law – Good – Bad and the Ugly

The Framework for dealing with Divorce in Canada is a patchwork legal system comprised of Laws (Federal, Provincial and local jurisdictions), Courts, Judges, Lawyers, mediators and related agencies such as Children’s Aid societies and women’s shelters, who operate without accountability, without oversight and independent of one another. Without comment at this point, I think [...]

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No Fault Divorce – Ya…. Right

Fairness. A state of affairs in which conduct or action is both fair and right, given the circumstances. Ironically no-fault divorce was intended to reduce divorce rates and remove acrimony from divorce proceedings. But in Canada the numbers are stark. Before the introduction of the Divorce Act the divorce rate sat [...]

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Ontario Family Court Decisions

Where’s the rule book? How can you plan or manage your life when the rules for divorce are not defined? There is no prescribed length of time for support commitments either child or spousal support, no rules for dealing with one time payments such as inheritance, bonuses, etc. Even rules related to pensions already [...]

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Divorce Suicide – The Ultimate Desperation

Courts Drive a Father to Ultimate Desperation - Suicide an example; one of an ever increasing occurrence…. Mr. Les White 484 Leslie Bay Brandon, Manitoba R7A 2C9 Canada August 27, 2002. The Right Hon. Jean Chretien, Prime Minister of Canada Room 309-S, Centre Block Ottawa, Ontario K1A OA6 Canada Dear Prime Minister: [...]

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The Divorce Industry – Cost to Canadian Taxpayers and Families in Crises

The divorce industry is booming, with half of all marriages ending in divorce. In the majority of cases, the court awards custody of the children to the mother, and the job of paying high levels of support to the father. Men protest of discrimination at the hands of family law, of being financially extorted by [...]

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The boy crisis – Fatherlessness a new crises

There is an incredible amount of research information available that report on the many destructive aspects of the removal of fathers from the lives of their children by court judges. A simple google search on “Parent Alienation Syndrome” (PAS) or “Fatherlessness in our society” will amaze you with the research and information available. Parental [...]

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Family Responsibility Office Problems

Once the legal battle is over the emotional and financial battles begin. The message to the kids, and since the courts are supposedly honourable and judges don ’t lie is that one parent is right and the other is wrong. Guess who? Once the judge has alienated the kids from dad, except from [...]

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