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Ken is an Accredited Family Mediator and leader in the field of Marriage Mediation. Your can meet with Ken at any one of his 5 Greater Toronto Offices | North York | Aurora | Barrie | Vaughan | Mississauga |

How Divorce Affects Children

GUEST BLOG BY: COLIN FAMILY MEDIATION Most children do not want their parents to get divorced. They may feel angry, depressed, and/or scared. It may take them some time to regain their sense of security. Most, however, are resilient. They learn to cope with the changes in their lives. Lasting damage results not primarily from the [...]

How Divorce Affects Children2020-12-14T22:32:52-05:00

Access to Family Justice task force – FAIL

A retired judge says he's still waiting for the province to implement his recommendations on family court five years after he delivered them. Raymond Guerette chaired the Access to Family Justice task force that presented its final report to the provincial government in 2009. Guerette called the family court dysfunctional back then. And [...]

Access to Family Justice task force – FAIL2020-08-09T15:47:57-04:00

The movement for presumed equal parenting

The grass-root movement for presumed equal parenting, by ordinary Canadians, feeling compelled to do something out of the ordinary in order to bring attention to a very serious problem in Canada. This will be a controversial film that will expose the layers of government institutions that have perpetuated the demonization of men, and thus [...]

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Winner Take All –  by Molly Murphy

When Molly Murphy and her husband decide to go through with a painful yet amicable divorce, Molly sets off to see a legal advisor. Little does she know she is about to discover a shocking truth: the government and family law can ruin a man’s life completely. As her legal advisor cheerfully explains, Molly [...]

Winner Take All –  by Molly Murphy2020-08-09T15:47:59-04:00
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